Our Team

A&B Mortgage is managed by Shawn Van Gordon, who has 13 years experience in the financial world. He believes in volunteering for his community, working hard to support his family and helping you achieve your dreams. Shawn hires a team of qualified loan officers who believe in the values that make A&B Mortgage so successful.

Shawn Van Gordon, President/COO (LO: 510-LO-35532)

Shawn Van Gordon is the President/COO of A&B Mortgage. He’s Shawn Van Gordonsucceeded in the loan industry for more than a decade. Shawn graduated from Mead High School in Spokane, WA and went on to earn a Bachelors degree in Psychology from Washington State University.

Shawn is a respected loan officer because of his compassion and thoroughness. Shawn serves his community on the Funding Development Board at the Vanessa Behan Crisis Nursery and on the K-12 education committee with the Greater Spokane Incorporated. He says, “I always follow through on what I say, pay attention to details and have the knowledge, resources and ability to get the job done right.” Clients tell A&B Mortgage that Shawn is, “patient, professional, kind, a life-savior”.

Shawn vows to provide an easy process for his clients. You can trust Shawn as your financial matchmaker. He’ll guide you in every step to build a loan just right for you and your family.